Dana M. Diederich: Technical Skills Matrix

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TechnologyRating, 1-5Comments
Perl5This is definitely my strongest programming language
Golang2I used GoLang almost exclusively at Flux Factory.
Python3Python has been my primary language since 2016.
JavaScript4I have been writing some things in JavaScript for a long time, and have written some substantial applications with it in the past six years.
C3Used to be a 5 here, but that was 1993 and before.
Ruby2I have written some applications in Ruby.
PHP2I have done some professional and private work in this language.
Java2I have taken a class and have done some self development with it.
C++1I have done some limited projects with C++.


TechnologyRating, 1-5Comments
Cisco4I've been working with Cisco devices for a long time.
Routing Protocols2I was familiar with OSPF, EIGRP and BGP.
Network Design3I had substantial Network Design experience, LAN and WAN.
F5 LTM/GTM3I had daily, practical experience with these products.
MPLS2I was familiar with MPLS.
Network Troubleshooting5I am very good at network troubleshooting and tracing.
SNMP4I've been using it for many years.
Network Management5This has been my core focus.
HP OpenView3I have 4 years experience with this product.
DNS4I first setup a name server in 1993, and I administrated it at LiveOps for four years.
DHCP2I've worked with the Wal-Mart DNS/DHCP team for many years.


TechnologyRating, 1-5Comments
PCI4I am intimately familiar with PCI DSS, versions 1.0 through 3.0.
Change Management4I have used Remedy, Jira and other change management systems for 19 years.
Cryptography3I have long experience installing, designing, implementing and administrating cryptographic systems.
Security Management3I have three years experience being an organizational Computer Security Manager.
Cisco TACACS2I have many years experience with Cisco TACACS.

Project Management

TechnologyRating, 1-5Comments
Jira4I have 1 year experience with the ticketing and agile products.
Clarity3I have 3 years experience with this system.
Custom Automation5I have written some team-specific automation to compliment Clarity for Project Management.

Operating Systems

TechnologyRating, 1-5Comments
Linux5I've been almost daily using it since Kernel version 0.1, administrating since 1.0
AWS2Twitch is an Amazon company, so I worked with AWS extensively.
UNIX in general4I've been almost daily using it since 1989
IBM AIX3I used and administrated it between 1997 and 2009.
HP/UX2I used and administrated it between 1997 and 2009.
Solaris3I've been using it since 1989, heavily at first, more rarely since.
Windows2I'm somewhat familiar with Windows.
MacOS2I know it only as well as I know the UNIX that it runs on.


TechnologyRating, 1-5Comments
MySQL5This is the database engine I know best. I've been using it since since 1996.
MongoDB4I have been using, developing against and interacting with MongoDB almost daily since 2009.
Cassandra2I have done some work with it.
Neo4J2I have done some work with it.
Postgres2I have used it quite a bit at home for personal projects.
Oracle2I have done some work with it.
Informix2I have done some work with it.
DB22I have done some work with it.

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