Dana Diederich's Home Page

NOTE: This is not my cat, it's just a random picture from the Internet I thought was pretty hilarious.

Sometimes I blather on at reddit.

A few well-considered posts can be found on Hacker News

Bookmarks I have collected.

Here is my resume.

Very rarely I tweet.

From time to time, I post on Facebook. I'm easy to find; just type my name in.

Very rarely I'll put a YouTube video up.

I used to post pictures on Tumblr

For a blast to the past, here are my Slashdot comments.

Long long ago, I posted on LiveJournal.

I've been editing on Wikipedia for a few years. Nothing major though.

Quotes that move and amuse me.

Four Questions that I use to understand people.

Here is a page with the property we used to own in Missouri.

Here are a couple of Perl modules I have released into the wild.

I have messed around on Github a little bit.